Looking back at 2017

Each year, our meeting prepares a State of the Society Report to the New York Yearly Meeting seeking to express the spiritual condition of the meeting over the course of the year. Ministry and Counsel (M&C) is currently in the process of preparing the 2017 State of Society Report and requests that members consider the questions below. Responses to these questions should be submitted to the clerk of M&C. For your convenience, you may also submit your responses online using the form below.

Draft Questions for writing of the 2017 State of Society Report

  1. Is the sense of spiritual depth and tenderness of ministry in Meeting for Worship satisfying your needs? Suggestions?
  2. Do you see sufficient effort on the part of the Meeting in fostering spiritual growth among us?  What suggestions might you have to expand that effort?
  3. Does Buffalo Meeting as an individual body or in cooperation with other groups give sufficient public witness to Friends’ Principles and Testimonies?  Examples/suggestions?
  4. What, in your opinion, were significant activities and/or concerns addressed by Buffalo Meeting in 2017?
  5. Does Meeting for Worship with a concern for business hold an important place for you as a Meeting responsibility?  How do you think that over-all participation in business meeting could be improved?