Programs for Children and Youth

During Meeting for Worship, religious education classes are provided for children and teens, offering young people a systematic introduction to Quaker principles in a vibrant, age-appropriate setting. After 45 minutes of class, the young people join Meeting for Worship for the final minutes of worship. Children are also welcome to participate in Meeting for Worship for the full hour if preferred.

These programs for young people are overseen by the First Day School Committee. (Historically Quakers objected to the use of day and month names derived from pagan gods and substituted numbers instead; Sunday was instead called First Day. While most modern Quakers now use the common names of days and months, the naming of the religious education program for children as "First Day School" has largely continued.)

The mission of the First Day School Committee is to provide a structure through which the Meeting’s children are offered a systematic introduction to Quaker principles. The committee’s work includes:

  • Establishing a vibrant, responsive program for children. The Committee offers support to the Meeting’s First Day School, its teachers and volunteers. The First Day School Committee formulates the curriculum and carries it out.  At present, the curriculum is based on children’s queries such as Simplicity, Unity with Nature, Peace and Community.
  • Supporting families is a vital part of our mission.  To facilitate family participation in Meeting activities, the committee responds to requests for child care for special Meeting events and for Meeting for Business. Such requests must be made in advance by the committees sponsoring the programs.