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Decentering Whiteness/Building Multiracial Community - Ithaca, NY

The Friends Center for Racial Justice in Ithaca, NY on May 11-12, 2018 is hosting a conference on Decentering Whiteness/Building Multiracial Community in Ithaca, New York . The program begins Friday at 7 pm (preceded by dinner for those from out of town) and ends at 5 pm on Saturday.

For those of us who are white, it can be very difficult for us to see that society in the United States is built on the values of white people. For those of us who are not white, we are acutely aware that white culture is at the center. Whether it is the color of the walls in our Meetinghouses, the range of loudness with which we play our music in our homes, or having to ask ourselves the question of will my child come home safely from school today, we experience ourselves living in a white culture.

White culture controls access to societal power and resources. It is unfair that each group does not have equal access. We need to decenter white culture and replace the center with multiracial values.   

Sometimes white people focus on what they will have to give up. It is also important that they become aware of all that they have to gain.

We will learn important concepts for a multiracial perspective and what it means to center and decenter whiteness. We will explore the essence of a multiracial community and begin to build that community. This workshop is for white people and people of color who want to be their allies in learning to decenter whiteness.

Before the workshop please read this article on Decentering Whiteness,:

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